Our Products

Michael Gonzalez developed, researched and formulated each product offered by Natural Apex.  It was very important as an athlete himself, that he stood behind all products we offer. He wanted to ensure that any product he vetted was completely up to the highest standards possible in the industry.  It was very important for him to feel confident that he could share that he used these products and has benefited from them.

Processing Hemp can vary from company to company. First and foremost, he sought out a facility that utilized a medical grade process.  This included using a rigorous production process and controlled steps that would provide consistency and the best quality end product.

Each ingredient has complete traceability which allows for full transparency of each product and the ability to isolate all ingredients. Not only are the products tested in house, but they all are also sent to an independent third-party lab.  It is the Third-Party Lab’s responsibility to assess the ingredients and upon completion of this evaluation, produce a Certificate of Analysis. This document ultimately defines the quantity and validity of the various cannabinoids in each product.

Listed below is a brief description of our product line and how they can support a healthier you!

Water additive that can be added to any water bottle or container.  It is designed to promote energy and can be used to provide a great pre-workout energy boost, fight mid-day fatigue, and aide with hydration. Flow contains hemp extract, electrolytes, sodium, potassium, Vitamins B3, 6 and 12 and caffeine. It has a very mild sweet berry aroma and flavor.

Sublingual tincture that contains a hemp extract. Sublingual tinctures have a great direct delivery method!

A topical cream designed to provide targeted pain relief to soft tissue and muscles. This cream is formulated with hemp extract, specific essential oils and botanicals. Each ingredient was combined to provide a specific benefit. Once we found the perfect blend, we further sourced each ingredient to ensure the highest grade and quality. The aroma is mostly due to the menthae related botanicals and provide a cooling sensory response. The balm ultimately leaves your skin with a lasting warming effect while not leaving an oily residue. We wanted a non-greasy feel to be easily used during or after activity.

Recover is a powdered capsule designed for evening and night time use. It was developed to aid in restorative rest and support better quality and duration of sleep. Valerian Root is a natural sleep aid and Magnesium Citrate is essential in muscle health as it supports the relaxation phase of muscle contraction. The capsules are a great addition to your night time regime!