Natural Apex hemp infused CBD products are specifically formulated to help athletes recover more quickly, provide a boost during training, and relax after hitting the gym.


  • CBD is completely non-psychoactive.
  • You will not feel “high” after the consumption of CBD
  • CBD is the second leading active compound in marijuana to THC
  • CBD is legal to buy and ship in all 50 states in the U.S.

The Science Behind CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid molecule produced by cannabis that has a full spectrum of potential medicinal applications and therapeutic uses. Although it is cannabinoid, like THC, it does not directly interact with the same neuro-receptors that THC does (CB1 and CB2); rather, it affects signaling through these receptors indirectly and does illicit the psychoactive effects that THC does, making it attractive for the treatment of variety of disorders.


In addition to indirectly reacting with CB1 And CB2 receptors, CBD also influences many other receptor systems in the brains; specifically, it interacts with receptors that are sensitive to drugs (illicit and pharmaceutical) and neurotransmissions, including opioid and dopamine receptors. Opioid receptors are known for their role in pain regulation and are the key targets of prescription pain-killers and illicit narcotics such as heroin or fentanyl. Dopamine receptors play a critical role in the regulation of cognitive behavior, including motivation, reward seeking, and more.


In short, the influence with the interaction of these receptors makes CBD an ideal, and, in many instances, superior product to deal with a variety of ailments that can affect sports performance.


Are there side effects?

Short answer, no.


“A review of 25 studies on the safety and efficacy of CBD did not identify significant side effects across a wide range of doses, including acute and chronic dose regimens, using various modes of administration.”

Source: Bergamaschi et al. Safety and side effects of cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent. Curr Drug Saf. 2011 Sep 1;6(4):237-49

Can I overdose?

It is not possible to overdose on CBD. As stated above, there are no known side-effects from CBD ingestion; however we do not suggest consuming mass amounts of CBD in one sitting.

Is it addictive?

CBD is not addictive. In fact, CBD stimulates serotonin receptors within the brain that have been said to reduce drug dependency.

Who can take CBD?

CBD is safe for all demographics. CBD has been particularly effective in treating serious childhood illnesses such as epilepsy. It is particularly effective for active people who face chronic muscle soreness.

What is the difference between a hemp and marijuana plant?

To clarify, hemp and marijuana do come from the same plant species called Cannabis sativa. Cannabis (marijuana) has been bred over the years to enhance it’s thc content and psychoactive properties. On the other hand, the hemp plant has been bred to maximize it’s industrial and medicinal properties. In short, they are no longer close enough to be considered identical and are used for a variety of separate uses.

Can you get high from CBD/Hemp?

CBD will not get your high. Legally hemp oil production should have 0.3% THC or less. That means that CBD oil from the hemp plant should not show up on a drug test. It is important to make sure that your CBD oil provider sources their oil and other products from a hemp plant and NOT a marijuana plant if passing a drug test is a concern to you.